About DJ Skout

A proud member of the culture and a student of the game, DJ Skout’s career in music began with a deep affinity to vinyl and continues today as he explores digital landscapes with his turntables now connected to a laptop.  Whether in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, New York City or international venues in Mexico, Asia or Europe, he has always found a way to motivate people to discover new levels of freedom and unity via the dance floor.  By tapping into the collective unconscious through expertly mixed selections and inspired sets, DJ Skout (aka Li'l Homie aka Bug aka Johnson Evergreeaka Deuce Lee) pioneered a genre smashing/paradigm shifting style before it was in vogue.   Back when the only building blocks available were a few crates of 12” vinyl, a knowledge of history and his imagination, he combined hip hop, rock, electro, soul, reggae, house, punk, latin, jungle, and funk creating a seamless symphony of energizing club music.  His love for all music, all people and all cultures stems from his own multi-cultural background and circle of influences; this foundation drives his scouting mission to explore the outer frontiers and definitions of “dance music”--often transforming large commercial clubs into intimate house parties.

After discovering the magic of vinyl in the 70s, studying music formally in the 80s and paying his dues in the 90s, DJ Skout has spent the first decade of the new millenium headlining in major clubs all over the continent and beyond.  One of his proudest accomplishments is establishing long term, high-quality residencies in the notorious “revolving door" Hollywood/LA scene—most notably at the legendary Lava Lounge and Ivan Kane’s "Forty Deuce" where he headlined for over six years in both Hollywood and Las Vegas. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to perform for Dr. Dre, Sting, Queen Latifah, Justin Timberlake, the LA Lakers, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears, Quentin Tarantino, Vince Vaughn, Hugh Hefner, Zooey Deschanel, Pharrell, the LA Dodgers, Anthony Kiedis, Madonna, David Bowie and Jacques d'Amboise.  

He has collaborated with DJ Graham Funke, DJ Downlow, DJ MP (GRVMNT) as well as N808 and DJ Evil One after his re-location to Portland, where he currently is a resident at Fortune and Tube. Above all of these things, however, he may be most proud of leveraging his talents to produce large-scale events for emerging artists and urban youth in New York City and South Los Angeles.  Working closely with internationally respected choreographer and educator Dr. Jenny Seham, these critically-acclaimed showcases of dance, spoken word poetry and live music were inspired by the same spirit that has made DJ Skout a unique and revolutionary artist. DJ Skout pioneered many of these events through his long time affiliations with National Dance Institute and MLA Partner Schools (now known as LA's Promise), the non-profit he co-founded in 2003.

DJ Skout is currently synthesizing all of his diverse experiences and talents in his latest community development project: his Doctorate in Education. While he pursues this lifelong goal, he continues to represent the real in a time when our culture and neighborhoods need it the most. 

To bring his unique talents to your club, lounge, private party or non-profit fundraiser, book him now.